I’m in an interesting place right now folks.  I’m currently starting to rewrite my novella.  Not such a crazy thing,  people rewrite every day.  The problem is that this novella was published in 2005.

My contract expires this year,  and following some issues with my publisher,  I will not be renewing my contract with them.  So,  the novella is out there again.  And the more I looked at it,  and thought about it,  the more I considered rewriting it.  After all,  it was a good novella,  but I’ve since written other stories set in the same universe,  and they could be considered cannon.

My plan is to expand the story out from it’s current 25k to around 60k,  incorporating some of the plot lines and characters from the subsequent books,  essentially tying the whole series together.  The rewrite would mean that the ‘first’ book would become the ‘last’ book,  and that is going to mean some pretty major rewriting.

So,  I’m sure you are asking yourself,  how am I going to go about this?

Well,  given that it was 2005 and two computers ago,  I no longer have a file copy,  so I am going to have to work from a paperback copy.  This is going to mean basically typing the whole thing out again and then starting work on it.

I’ve been rereading it this week,  and making some notes on what I would like to do,  what plot lines I want and any other notes of stuff that I know I want or don’t want.

I don’t usually plot that much,  my mythology novel was the major exception,  and given my near breakdown over it,  I don’t think I will be repeating the process.

Wish me luck though,  and I’ll be sure to keep you all informed.


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