Working hard. Honestly

So I’ve been a bit rushed off my feet lately folks,  which is why I haven’t been posting much this last week or two. My MA is taking up quite a lot of my time,  and I still have a day job and family life, and rewrites and new work  AND we’re in the process of moving house and have quite a poorly toddler,  so it’s all been a bit mad at the Simpsons.

However,  I can promise you that I’m working on a post about children’s horror,  and I’ve started work on a post about cover art and how it can make or break a book (you thought it was all about the writing,  didn’t you?).

In other news,  Mr Claire is (among other things) editor of Diabolique Magazine,  which is a pretty awesome journal magazine about horror.  They’ve recently gone from an online only into print (you can find them at where my lovely husband has his Fresh Blood and Crumpets column (where he talks about a recent late night screening of Nosferatu that we attended in Belfast,  complete with live IMPROVISED organ music – was pretty awesome), and you can read The Charm of Evil by the deliciously charming David Rattigan who’s latest column is a thoughtful insight into a film classic  ‘Dracula’s Daughter: A Queer Monster Classic Turns 75’

Shameless promotion aside,  I’ve been working hard on rewrites (sort of) and have an idea about a zombie novel just itching to be written.  It may,  I fear,  have to wait until after the move.



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2 responses to “Working hard. Honestly

  1. Being described as “deliciously charming” made my day.

  2. Agree with your description of Dave, and thanks for the plug. At least you laid your vested interests out for readers. Wish more people did that.

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