I could be a novelist if I only had the time….

There are two types of people, those who write and those who talk about writing.

Those who talk about writing are apt to make stupid comments regarding how easy writing it (ha!) and how they have a great idea for a book (ha!) but how they just don’t have the time to write it (ha! ha! ha!).

It’s a sentence that places the speaker in very real danger of receiving a punch in the mouth.

If you want to write then you make time. If you can’t make time then you shave it off something else.

I have a full time job. I am also in full time education. I have a young family and a small farm. And I still manage to write at least three pages EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I am not Superwoman. Hell, I’m not even terribly organised. But I know how to manage my time, and I’m going to share that with you today.

Writing a page (about 250 words) will take on average 15 minutes.

How to get three pages (or 45 mins a day writing time):

1. Do you really need to watch all that TV? Like 15 year old Friends repeats? Give it a miss, just one show a day, and there’s 30 minutes right there.

2. How long do you spend surfing the net? Try turning your internet off for a while.  It won’t kill you.

3. Why not get up half an hour earlier? Or go to bed half an hour later?

4. What do you really do in your lunch break? Read Heat? Why not write two pages? Same goes for your teabreak, that’s another 15 minutes, and another page. SO in your breaks at work you have manged three pages already.

5. What do you think about on the train home? How about you think about your plot? Why not scribble down a few sentences? Plan ahead to what you are going to write when you get a chance, ‘write’ the scene in your head, so that when you DO get to sit down and write, it just flows.


There are lots of little ways to save time during your day (do you REALLY need to iron the bath towels?) and I could spend hours trying to illustrate how to build up those minutes, but hopefully you get it now.

Ten minutes here and ten minutes there are just as useful as a three hour uninterrupted stretch if you make the most of your time.

And think, three pages a day, that’s three lots of 15 minutes throughout the day, means that you’ll have a first draft in 3 months.

But I’d better go folks, I have fifteen minutes before dinner is ready….


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