When People are Just Mean (aka, yes, I do speak English)

Today I got my first negative review.


I know, that sounds weird right, but here’s the thing, once you get that first negative review then that’s the worst over with really.

I wasn’t the first to see it, mainly because I don’t read reviews, but Mr Claire called me to let me know. At first I’ll admit I was a little sad, but then I reasoned that there are always going to be some people who don’t like what you write.

I didn’t get to see it until I got home this afternoon, and when I read it I felt a little disappointed. The reviewer in question has only one review, mine, which is nasty. So, does that mean they set up the account simply to be rude? Possibly. Or maybe it’s just bad luck on my part that my book was the first they reviewed. Either way it doesn’t matter. The point is, they didn’t like it.

As reviews go it wasn’t terribly helpful, nothing about the characters, plot, concepts, setting etc, which in a review always makes me wonder if they’ve actually read the book.

But then they did something odd. They recommended my readers go and read another book that’s several places behind mine in the charts (not even in the same genre though). Which again, is fine (the book in question is pretty cool). But if the reader loved the other book so much then why didn’t they review it?

I don’t want to sound all Mulder-esque, but something isn’t quite right here. Or maybe I’m just being paranoid. Then again, I’ve had online hassle before (you know who you are) so who knows.

On the plus side, ‘Again’ went free this weekend and has spent 2 days at #1 on it’s sub genre, #35 on the romance chart and hit #123 on the overall free chart.

I’m still hoping to break the top 100.

I’m planning on doing a whole post on the self publishing experience, how I got my book listed free and the numbers etc, but bear with me because I’ve been ill for a while (car accident) and have so much work to catch up on.

And for those of you who have read the review in question and emailed me about it, don’t worry. No, I’m not upset, yes, I do understand English, no, I do not spell words phonetically (please understand the difference between US and UK English before you make a tit of yourself on the internet) and yes, I too would recommend the Darklands books.

Now, I’m off to write my next bestseller, catch you on the flipside.



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