Living up to the Hype

I’ve been thinking this week how nice it would be to get a million pound advance. Think of all the shoes I could buy with that! A huge advance is every writers dream, right?


Honestly, I’m not sure.

I know, it sounds crazy right? But think about this for a minute, a massive advance like that puts a huge amount of pressure on the writer. There’s a lot of expectation, and I’m not sure that I would be able to live up to it. I think the pressure of knowing there was so much money invested in me would freak me out to the point where I would seriously doubt myself and my abilities to perform. I’d worry that it would have a detrimental effect on both my writing and my sanity.

I’ve also been thinking about what would happen if that book flopped. Although  any publisher who sinks a million quid into a book is going to do it’s best to make sure it’s a hit, sometimes, for whatever reason, books just flop. And you’re name is forever associated with that massive advance and the subsequent failure.

I think it’s much harder to a new writer to cope, and there’s a lot more risk involved with a debut author, which is why I’m always shocked at how much some debut books go for. For a writer with a proven track record there’s a loss less risk involved as they have a solid history and a fan base.

Either way, I guess I’m torn on the massive advance front. But I guess at least you would still have a million quid, and you can always change your name.


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