Change is afoot – So long Pro Plan

As of yesterday CreateSpace ( will no longer be offering it’s Pro Plan service for self-published writers.

The Pro Plan enabled authors to pay a little extra money ($39) for expanded distribution channels, a lower production cost and a higher royalty. Authors who had registered for the Pro Plan in the last 30 days will receive a voucher code via email which will allow them five free books for each title they signed up for the Pro Plan.

But what does this mean?

Well, the good folks at CreateSpace (which is owned by Amazon) state in an open letter on the help section of the website (CreateSpace authors will also have recieved a copy via email yesterday) that:

We’ve discontinued Pro Plan and now all authors receive the benefit of lower member order costs and higher royalty payouts previously available through Pro Plan, for free.

This is great news for authors who hadn’t been enrolled on the Pro Plan, and you should note that you can still enrolled on the expanded distribution for just $25 per title.

Authors who had been on the Pro Plan will still find that their royalties and member order rates will remain the same for titles that were previously on Pro Plan and that any of the titles that were enrolled in the expanded distribution will still be available there. If you are a Pro Plan author and haven’t enrolled on the expanded distribution then you can do so for free at any time.

So what does this mean for authors?

Well, quite simply it means that self pubilshed authors are now able to offer thieir print titles at a lower rate, and make a higher percentage in terms of royalties.

As we all know, high print costs of self published books is a problem, and part of the reason that print books have much lower sales than ebooks. Although this isn’t going to bring print anywhere close to the affordability of ebooks, it will mean that self published authors can compete more pricewise with traditionally published authors.

You can read all about it for yourselves here:

I’ve love to hear what you all think about this.

’til tomorrow.



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