oh for the love of God….

Every time I think that the STGRB site will no longer shock or annoy me, I find out that I’m wrong – it’s just so full of lies and wangst and jumping to conclusions.

As usual I will copy the whole post into the bottom of this one just in case the internets get shitty.

The most recent post http://www.stopthegrbullies.com/2013/04/08/reviewer-subterfuge-part-2/ is complaining because several reviews, several YEARS (no, I shit you not, there are  years between the FOUR quotes STGRB thought were worthy of posting – apparently  they didn’t think their readers were smart enough to read dates) apart are ‘bullying’ after the author was apparently attacked on FB – I can’t say for sure, it was months ago and I can’t find the original posts.

Anyways, apparently ‘everyone’ who posted a one star review was suspicious because they said that the book was full of inaccuracies and they supposedly directed the readers to one particular other author – except…they didn’t.

Mostly, they spoke of the inaccuracies, but only one spoke of referring the readers to another author – hardly evil genius subterfuge.

Seriously, this is just……so much shit that I want to shake someone.

And apparently, according to the post, they ‘aren’t sure’ how Melissa (Douthit) got dragged into things, which is…interesting, considering that it was her details which registered the STGRB site if this is anything to go by http://logophilos.net/blog/index.php/2012/08/the-unbearable-unravelling-of-sockpuppetry/

Honestly, this is bringing on my headaches – right now, some people need to wind their necks in and realise what a dick they are being and how much they are clutching at straws.

As usual I have posted the following word for word from the page http://www.stopthegrbullies.com/2013/04/08/reviewer-subterfuge-part-2/ which I fully expect to be deleted/edited in the near future. Those of you who can be bothered to search the Cache can, for everyone else, I’ve copied and pasted entire as was posted on 9 April 2013 from the STGRB website:

Reviewer Subterfuge, Part 2

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April 8, 2013

In our post, Reviewer Subterfuge, we presented you with information and screenshots showing some rather suspicious activity on a certain book after the author was attacked on Facebook, namely some suspicious one-star reviews.  More to the point, we showed you a comment outlining real (favorable) reviews left by notable reviewers like Kirkus and the Historical Novel Society.  The comment also mentioned that several of the one-star reviews on this particular book all said the same thing and then directed readers to another author who writes books in the same genre.

As a reminder, here are the shots of those reviews:



After doing a little research through our contacts who are members of the Historical Novel Society (and who have asked to remain anonymous for their protection), we now know who the leader of the Facebook attack was.  Her name is Kathryn Warner, who left this review on the book page (screenshot is only partial):


So… what do all four of these reviewers have in common?

They all know each other.

What else do they have in common?

They all know Sharon Kay Penman.

Gee, what a surprise.

In fact, Sharon Kay Penman is one of the principal supporters of Kathryn’s campaign called Don’t Defame the Dead 1 and 2 that was created to condemn people who write books that they consider to “defame the dead.”  Hmm… much like they claim Ashe’s Montfort does.

As for Sharon’s support of Kathryn’s campaign, you might want to take a look at this:


And this:


And this:


Is this all starting to become clearer now?


An addendum:

Woah!  I think we’ve got another Somerloon on our hands, folks!  Why do I say that?  Keep reading.

We just recently received this comment by Member of HNS:

Reading the comments on Kathryn’s review, I thought she was a teenager by the way she was acting, but then I looked at her Facebook page. She’s an old woman!

MoHNS isn’t kidding.  When we started reading up on this woman, we thought she was in her teens, or maybe early 20’s because of her juvenile behavior.  When we found out how old she is, we were floored.  If you want to get a look at this lady, here’s a link to her twitter account.  She looks to be about 50.

We’re certain this is her twitter because of this:


(Her friend is right.  There is a mole in their little DDTD group and boy did we get some interesting information from this person!)

So… we’re vile, vicious, and thoroughly stupid and ignorant.


Okay, Kathryn.  If you say so.

Aw, what’s wrong?  You angry because we exposed your dirty little scheme to discredit an author because she dared to have a different view of history than you?  You pissed because we showed everyone your my-view-of-history-is-the-only-correct-view-or-else attitude?  You want to know what our site visitors think of your attitude?  Check out this comment from Anon:

This whole idea of “don’t defame the dead” is ludicrous. There are as many interpretations of the past as there are historical records of it. Just look at how many different interpretations of the Bible there are. Anyone who considers her view of the past as the “correct” view is fooling herself. There is no such thing.

You know what, Kathryn?  Anon is right.  If you think your interpretation of the past is the only true and correct one, you’re deluding yourself.

And you can say whatever you want about us, the facts will still remain the facts.  And one of those facts is that Katherine Ashe has behaved with so much more integrity than you.  It’s really unbelievable how childish you have been.

And if our readers think this is bad, they will want to take a look at this comment from a differentAnon:

I don’t think she’s just acting like an adolescent.  I think she’s a bit crazy.  Have you seen the comments she’s been leaving on people’s reviews?  Check out Chris’s review.  She’s also obsessed with votes on her own review.  This woman needs help.

This is what Anon is referring to – these comments left on Chris’s review, which were pulled by Amazon right after we reported them for abuse (screenshot sent to us by Chris):


We’re not sure how Melissa got dragged into this, but we think it has something to do with the Amazon trolls.  They consistently blame her for our site no matter how many times we’ve said that we’re not authors.  In this case, they think Chris is Melissa and again they’re getting it wrong.  But Kathryn, not even knowing who Melissa is, or even who Chris is for that matter, called Melissa a “sad, tragic, pathetic loser.”

This.  Is.  Crazy!

And this is a woman whose buddy (one of the nasties whose comment got deleted from our blog) described Kathryn as having a “good name and excellent standing in the History community.”

Wow!  I think I’m going to stay far away from the History community.  And that’s assuming her buddy got it right and she wasn’t referring to the “Hysterical community” which would be much more fitting, I think.  She fits right in with the rest of the Amazon trolls.

Watch out for this one, folks!  She’s a nutter.




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  • Lover of History Books

    I can understand leaving a review to dispute an historical event. It sounds like both Katherine and Kathryn are well studied but have different views of the past. That happens. Sometimes experts disagree, but to have your friends write up one-star reviews all regurgitating the same thing and then telling readers to buy another author’s book – that is just unethical. You don’t see Katherine Ashe doing this kind of thing – getting her friends together to ruin the reputation of another author for her profit. Because Katherine Ashe has integrity. That’s why you don’t see that. Kathryn Warner’s review and her friends’ reviews were clearly part of a collective effort to discredit Katherine Ashe and her work for the benefit of another author.

    • Johnny Be Good

      Well said, LOHB. You’re right. Disputing historical events is one thing, but doing something this underhanded is another. It’s deplorable.

  • Lost

    Wait, what happened to Amazon’s policy about not allowing authors to leave reviews on other author’s books?

    • Who me?

      I’ve noticed they only enforce this if the author in question actually LIKES the book they reviewed. For some reason BS one-star reviews are left alone.

  • Peter Pan

    Unfortunately we are seeing a lot of this. These attacks that claim to be about author behavior or bad writing are really campaigns meant to discredit another person. I think a call is in order to some of our media contacts. They would be interested in a story like this. The evidence is really piling up.

    • Johnny Be Good

      We got a few nasty comments from Warner/Penman supporters this morning that didn’t pass the sniff test. Really, I’m blown away by the snobbery of these people and this entitlement they think is owed to them. They claim that we are starting a smear campaign against Warner when it has really been the other way around. Warner started a smear campaign against Ashe. And she’s still trying to discredit her. They are claiming that KathErine Ashe attacked KathArine Ashe. This is false. This is just another lie they’ve told in the smear campaign against Ashe. All Katherine Ashe did was try to set the record straight and distinguish herself from Katharine Ashe as there was some confusion on Amazon between the two authors. You can see why. The names are very similar.

      So, here’s a message to all the Warner/Penman supporters. Guess what. If you come to our blog leaving nasty, little, snobby comments, trying to smear Katherine Ashe with your lies, your comments will get deleted. We have a commenting policy on our blog and your comments have violated it. So you can take all your hatred and your righteous, self-important, verbal diarrhea somewhere else. Thank you.

      • anonymous4

        ha ha! :P

        Oh, have I mentioned lately for you guys to please keep up the good work? Thanks.

        BTW they’re still shitting themselves over your post about Anna K.

        The ones shitting themselves: those on the BBA thread on Amazon. Who else? xD

        • anonymous4

          And they’re down voting a post where someone hopes that Anna doesn’t take anything to heart.

          My God, they’ll even go against their very own in order to prove a point. Sick shit.

  • goronwy

    Wow. It looks like historical fiction is about to replace YA and Romance as the Wild West of book reviewing.

  • Anony Mouse

    Woah, this Kathryn Warner is a major bully. I just got done reading all the comments on her review. It’s clear she orchestrated the whole onslaught against Katherine.

  • Alex

    I just love it when people like this are exposed for the slimy boogers they really are! :)

    • anonymous4

      Really, you could tell from Kath’s review that she had ulterior motives. Well, at least that’s my opinion. Her review and comments made it pretty clear that the Kath (reviewer) was heavily invested in the whole thing, WAY too invested. It was suspicious. I think the Rachel character on there is also a sock puppet of the reviewer.

  • Athena

    I would like to state for the record, since there has been some confusion, that this post is not saying that Sharon Kay Penman orchestrated this attack on Katherine Ashe. She could have been behind it, but there is no evidence for that. The post is saying that Kathryn Warner is most certainly behind it and if you take a look at her review’s comments and her Facebook page, you will see what we mean.

    • Member of HNS

      Reading the comments on Kathryn’s review, I thought she was a teenager by the way she was acting, but then I looked at her Facebook page. She’s an old woman!

      • Johnny Be Good

        Yeah, surprising, isn’t it? She behaves like an adolescent. It’s very unprofessional.

      • Anon

        I don’t think she’s just acting like an adolescent. I think she’s a bit crazy. Have you seen the comments she’s been leaving on people’s reviews? Check out Chris’s review. She’s also obsessed with votes on her own review. This woman needs help.

    • Lynn

      Thank you for stating this about Ms. Penman, “that this post is not saying that Sharon Kay Penman orchestrated this attack…”. Is there any way you could amend your actual post to reflect this? Because the way I read it, it certainly does lead one to think this, that you are accusing her of orchestrating it. I would hate to see you using the same standards you are accusing others of. I am all in favor of bringing the attention of readers to immature actions, but please be very, very careful of doing this when there is no evidence to be found. Once words are either spoken or typed, they are quite difficult to retrieve. Slanderous words hurt and harm and are even more dangerous when done so anonymously. Courage is found in anonymity.

      • Johnny Be Good

        No where in the post did we ever state that Penman was behind it. We won’t change the post because we want to show our readers how the reviewers know Penman and why it is they all refer to her in their reviews.

        Athena posted the comment to let people know that we aren’t saying that Penman had anything to do with it. We only make statements when we know they are fact and the fact is that we haven’t found any evidence of Penman’s involvement.

  • Anon

    This whole idea of “don’t defame the dead” is ludicrous. There are as many interpretations of the past as there are historical records of it. Just look at how many different interpretations of the Bible there are. Anyone who considers her view of the past as the “correct” view is fooling herself. There is no such thing.

    • anon-a-bus

      Speaking of defaming the dead, you should see the rants Looney has been posting in Twitter about Margaret Thatcher. They are just too awful to repeat. But again, in following with the theme of this post and blog, there are no limits which a bully will sink.

  • another anon

    Omg! These people are so slimy. I’m glad they are finally getting exposed.

    Good job, you guys! Keep it up.

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6 responses to “oh for the love of God….

  1. These people are insane. I defended my friend, who is the primary target of this vitriolic attack from STGRB, and have since found myself in the “Sidebar of Fame”. Tossers.

  2. Notable reviewers like Historical Novel Society means there is a big emailed out list of books to be handed out to 80+ people who are just plain old regular folks, like me.. who review for free (and some authors do also).. So it is just one opinion and not the opinion of the actual HNS founder etc, that is one misconception. (Just wanted to make that clear).
    Also want to say that Katherine Ashe has created this mess, I look forward to seeing how she gets herself out of it. Now she has let people know what lengths she will go to in order to squash the voice of readers, I doubt she is garnering new fans.

    • I just can’t my head around the fact that all of this stems from an OPINION. I mean, really? If I say I don’t like beans does that mean that Heinz should bully and harass me? Authors are no different – they need to realise that their ENTIRE CAREER is based on someone else’s opinion – the reason they got published in the first place was because someone liked their work – that’s an opinion. Those positive reviews, they are opinions too. Of course there are going to be negative opinions. That’s because there are billions of people on this planet and we aren’t all sheep – we like different stuff. It’s just so ridiculous that all of this bulling and anger and harassment and wangst comes down to ‘s/he didn’t like a story I wrote.’ I just want to shake some people and tell them to grow up.

  3. Claire, many thanks for your support and for reproducing this in case the STGRB mob delete it (as they did another post about me a few weeks ago, calling me a ‘troll’ for writing the review of Katherine Ashe’s novel). I was astonished to see this post about myself on the site, so full of lies and malice. In their latest post they’re accusing me of making her so ill she requires hospitalisation, and there are comments calling me ‘nuts’, ‘crazy’, ‘a witch’ and ‘an old woman’,

    • Kathryn, I feel for you right now. I really do, and I wouldn’t wish this kind of shit on anyone. But YOU know the truth, and the vast majority of those who read about this will know the truth too.

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