When you can’t even keep the story straight for 800 words

The Daily Mail hates women.

That is an undeniable fact.

It sets women up to fail, pits them against each other, baits and encourages and then sits back and watches the fallout with a smugness that is worthy of a punch in the face.

Very few people get on my tits as much as the female columnists in the Daily Mail, with perhaps the exception of whatever stupid, air-headed editor who approved their articles for print.

In today’s DM we were treated to Liz Jones bleating about how ‘poor’ she is. This I could almost appreciate, after all, aren’t even the affluent among us struggling at times in this uncertain economy? But if you are going to whine to me about how you can’t afford to buy a car, but then a couple of hundred words later tell me all about your housekeeper and the mod cons in your kitchen of your second home, then you can bet that I’m not going to be all that supportive.

This is just an example of how the DM sets women up to fail. Clearly one of two things went on here:

1. No one actually read this whiny, self-pitying and contradictory article before it went to print

2. The DM editors read it and decided that what they really needed was to make Jones look like a stupid cunt and annoy pretty much everyone in the country who is actually living in poverty and struggling to survive day to day.


The only people who have ‘lost sight’ of what it means to be poor are privileged, aging, delusional Daily Mail writers and their middle class he-haw editors who can’t focus for more than 140 characters to detect when an article contradicts itself several times.

Are these the literary standards that we are all to aspire to?



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