So, yes, I’m a huge supporter of gay rights. No, I’m not gay. I’m also not an alpaca, but I support animal rights too. Any argument or comeback you have is moot.

I happen to follow a Facebook page called ‘Have A Gay Day’ – mostly these guys are cute and fun and a daily reminder to enjoy life and those you love. They aren’t. despite what some might think, on a quest to ‘turn us all queer.’

This week they posted a picture of two men kissing. It was this picture, and I don’t know about you, but as a straight female I thought it was it was freaking hot and sweet:


Within hours Facebook had removed the post as being ‘offensive.’

Thousands of people objected. After all, the post is simply showing a kiss, and compared to all the pictures on Facebook showing naked 14 year olds, war crimes, people being beheaded (yes, I wish that was an exaggeration, but it’s not) and a million and one gross, objectionable and offensive things, they decide to ban this picture.

Not only did Facebook delete the picture, it also banned over 100 administrators of the page from both the Have a Gay Day Page and also their personal pages. Bans have ranged from hours to a month.

The story has been picked up by several news outlets including the Daily Grind:

So, some of you (the narrow minded ones at least) might ask, why am I getting so worked up about this?

Well, it’s kinda twofold:

1. If you are actively looking for something to be offended by, you are going to find it. This is true in all aspects of life, whether you are trawling a LGBT site, pro/anti war sites, your exes Twitter account or the Daily Mail. If you really want to find something to upset you then you will. Moral of the story = if your are upset or offended by something, don’t actively seek it out. And if you do actively seek it out and are then offended by it, don’t complain, after all, your offence was caused by you seeking offence. Personally I’m pretty sick of hearing / reading comments about books that are along the lines of ‘Eww, this book is about (insert topic of your choice here), that’s disgusting, why would anyone write about that?’ written by someone who has actively bought or read the book, or, in many cases, hasn’t read it, but feels that they deserve an opinion on the contents anyway. If I actively seek out books about, for instance, child abuse to read and then am offended because they are actually about child abuse, doesn’t that just make me a bit of a dick? Likewise, if you actively seek out LBGT support sites and then are offended because they actually support the LBGT community, doesn’t that make you a fucking idiot? If you don’t like it, stay away from it. I don’t read about child abuse, or terminal illness, or war because they are topics that upset me. If I don’t read them, I don’t get upset, and I also don’t upset others by then commenting on it.

Now, on the other side of this are the things that upset or offend us that we don’t actively seek out which are instead thrust upon us. For instance, someone telling a racist joke in my company is not going to well received. In that instance I have a right to be offended or upset – I didn’t ask to hear it, I didn’t seek out someone to tell me a racist joke. I can voice my offence.

2. Facebook clearly has a problem. I am bombarded on a daily basis by half naked drunken pics of, often underage, girls. I am also bombarded on a daily basis by sectarian drivel from folks who should know better or be gagged. I, on a daily basis, see racist, homophobic and sectarian slurs on my Facebook feed. This echoes the point above – these are often things that I did not ask to see, didn’t seek out. This morning, for instance, a cousin who should know better, posted a picture in support of well known and outspoken racist homophobe. It appeared in my feed, and I quickly pointed out how offensive it was – especially given that said cousin has a mixed race family. Stupidity, like shit, seems to float. Needless to say, that person’s posts will no longer be appearing in my feed. I don’t need to see that shit and I’m sick of complaining to Facebook about allowing that kind of post.

Yet, despite all the complaints about those, Facebook choses to delete a picture of two men kissing.


I mean, is that REALLY the most offensive thing that you have EVER seen?

If it is, then you have led a very sheltered life.

In order to see what attitude Facebook have to ‘offensive’ pictures, when the following was brought to my attention I chose to report it:bleh- shame on them

I feel quote ill having this disgusting post on my page, but it’s to illustrate a point.

When I reported this picture to Facebook I was faced with the following choices:


Note that is clearly states ‘homophobia’ as a reason to report. I figured that a picture calling for the hanging of all gay people was pretty offensive and extreme.

Yet, despite my report, I receive the following:


I used the feedback button to explain to Facebook where they have gone wrong – both in allowing homophobia and also in allowing a gross misappropriation of my own religion to further a cause that the majority of my religions follows do not support.

Facebook responded to my original complaint within an hour. 24 hours hours later I’m still waiting on a response to my additional feedback.

It seems the dove really has two wings…….



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