When it’s time to give up

I’m a fangirl.

There, I said it.

And we fans take our fadoms seriously. We care about those characters, love them. And creators would do well to realise that the fans are the ones who pay their mortgage.

Now, contrary to popular belief, fans don’t want an idealised version of things. Instead we want the shows we love to maintain their integrity, characterisation, plots, universe, history.

Stephen Moffat is my nemesis.

It wasn’t enough for him to turn The Doctor into an erractic, slightly creepy sex driven maniac (among other things) and rewrite a 50 year old universal law because he wanted the moola – fuck integrity. No, he then had to go and shit all over Sherlock Holmes as well.

Now, the first two series f Sherlock were, rather like Moffat’s first couple of series of Dr Who, quite good. But then Moffat got ‘creative’

 Honestly, someone needs and intervention.

Sort your shit out.



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