ABNA 2014

Sooo, Amazon have announced the submission dates for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014. You can find all the details here.

This will be the 7th time that Amazon have run the contest, and writers can submit under the following categories:

– General Fiction
– Romance
– Mystery/Thriller
– Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror
– Young Adult Fiction

The prizes are as follows:

1 Grand Prize consisting of a full publishing contract with Amazon Publishing to market and distribute your Manuscript as a published book, and accompanied by a $50,000 advance.

4 Finalists (excluding the Grand Prize Winner), will be awarded a full publishing contract with Amazon Publishing to market and distribute his/her Manuscript as a published book and $15,000.

500 Quarter-Finalists will receive the Publishers Weekly manuscript review of their respective Manuscript.

2000 Third Prize winners will receive the Amazon-selected Editors’ review of their respective Excerpt.

As always there are some rules and eligibility requirements, all of which can be found here.

Now, as every year there are some issues that need to be considered if you are thinking about entering:

1. The non-negotiable issue with the first prize contract

2. The right of first refusal regardless of whether they publish your book

3. The period of exclusivity during the contest – this means that you can’t submit to other agents or publishers during this time

4. The lack of physical distribution – your book will be available only through Amazon and will not be available in physical stores

That said, for a new writer, it’s a pretty good deal if you win, $50,000 is not to be sniffed at.

Good luck to all who enter.



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