Unnecessary Cruelty

This has been a bad week.

In truth, it’s been a bad month. A bad year. And at the moment it really feels like everything is piling up at once.

This week should have been a good week. It should have been the best week of the year in fact. This week I should have been brining home a baby. This week I should have been snuggled up with the people I love, obsessively watching the new addition and enjoying every moment.

Instead I’ve spent this week dealing with some prolonged and frankly unnecessary legal issues. There’s been much back and forth over my businesses which has drained me. And I am now, apparently, invisible.

Life, and people it seems, can be unnecessarily cruel.

I appear to be the only person who has remembered. And I don’t want to remind people. I shouldn’t have to. Things in my personal life have been difficult this year, but I, rather naively it seems, thought that at the very least I would get some support, some words of comfort. But nothing. Whether my ex remembered or not I have no idea. I suspect not.

These are strange situations. I am desperate for some comfort. A hug. Words of support that I didn’t have to remind people to say. It’s not like it’s something you can just drop into conversation.

So instead of the wonderful week that this should have been, I have instead spent most of it in tears. Including a rather pathetic incident this afternoon when one particular and unexpected encounter just proved too much and I ended up sitting on the flood wall and crying, not caring who saw or what they thought.

This is not where I thought my life would be right now.

It gets easier though, right? Because I can’t take it getting any worse.

Wishing you all have a better week than mine.

Love etc,



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