A sad day

I don’t usually write these sort of posts, but this is a very sad time. Yesterday we lost Merri Hiatt quite unexpectedly. Merri was a wonderful person and a talented writer who always had something kind to say to those she came into contact with.

She gave her knowledge and her support freely and with love, and was always the first person to offer reassurance in bad times. She was a long time contributor at Absolute Write, where she was well respected and very much loved, and will be sorely missed. She was always a voice of reason, even in the most heated of debates, and because of all these things I had a huge amount of respect for Merri, and always will do. She taught me a lot over the last couple of years, and I am so grateful that I knew her.

Everyone who came into contact with her will miss her, her support, her voice of reason, and her sense of humour, her talent, her vast capacity for encouragement and support and her seemingly unbound love of books.

Life is short people. Too short. Time to put things into perspective and realise what you have, because you’ll not have it forever.

You’ll be missed Merri, but I hope your happy and safe where you are now.




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