And you found me how?

This week I have seen quite a large spike in followers which led me to look at the search terms being used to find me.

I was interested, and to be honest, a little freaked out, by some of the terms people are using to come across my blog. The single most common search term was ‘Beth and Daryl’ and the second was ‘Beth and Daryl Fanfiction’ despite me not having any fanfiction on my blog, and only one post where I mentioned Beth and Daryl (albeit in the context of fanfiction). ‘Sleep and creativity’ was third on the list, and from my analytics seems to have accounted for a large portion of the new readers (hi there by the way).

Some of the search terms were, well, less than pleasant and I’m not going to repeat them there. And other readers linked though from some very strange websites.


All in all it’s ben a bit of an eye opener, and has really reminded me how small the world can be sometimes.




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