Irresponsible journalism

So angry right now that I can barely speak.

Liz Jones has gone beyond the breaking point. Either the woman is seriously fucking insane and need psychiatric help, or she’s an attention whore who will say anything to get her name out there. Either way, today’s ‘article’ (and I use that in the loosest sense of the word) is a shameful attack on victims of sexual assault. Yes, the victims.

Liz Jones is a ‘journalist’ for the Daily Mail, which should tell you just about everything you need to know.

In the past she has attacked anyone who is not like her – women are her main target, especially mothers, but the rich, the poor, the sick, students, children all regularly come under fire and are subject to her vitriolic rants. The fact that a national newspaper actually publishes this dross makes me sick to my stomach. Veronica Guerin she is not.

The offensive article in question can be found here:

In it you will find some desperately worrying statements, including men grabbing men as just being ‘cuddly’ and how if you don’t want to be manhandled and assaulted then you ‘shouldn’t hang out in a bar.’

Additionally, Liz Jones then goes on to attack how women dress, insinuating that they are somehow responsible for any assault that happens to them. This is so incredibly ill informed that I really don’t know where to start. It’s victim blaming, pure and simple. How a woman dresses IS NOT an invitation, and for the record, it’s not only scantily clad young girls who get assaulted – women (and men) of all ages and appearances get assaulted including the elderly, nuns and children. Where they all inviting that assault by how they dressed?

Jones goes on to tell us

If a man puts his hand on you, or flirts, or is lascivious, you tell him to bugger off, and report it at the time, but only if you really, really believe him to be dangerous.

These women who feel so affronted need to put whatever happened, or they think happened, behind them, and get on with their lives.

So, basically you should just forget about being raped or assaulted and grow up. What’s that saying to victims? That those assaults meant nothing, they are insignificant and could impact that man’s life now? Well what about the victim’s life? What about someone who has been carrying the knowledge and pain of that assault around with them for years? The passage of time should not, EVER, be used as an excuse for not punishing those crimes.

And assault is assault. Whether that’s rape or violence, or just someone grabbing your ass in the pub. If it’s unwanted and uninvited sexual contact then it’s assault.

But apparently

Ghastly things happen to all of us. Digging up events that happened decades ago is not useful.


Jones then goes on to advise women not to dress ‘like prostitutes’ which is the most unhelpful piece of advice I have ever heard and is blaming the victim. Disgraceful.

Now, in the ‘article’ she also mentions the impact that false allegations have on people, but her point is entirely lost in her ill-informed, ill-advised, misogynistic rant against victims.

Both Jones and the Daily Mail have gone too far this time. I have complained to both the DM and to the Press Complaints Commission. Enough is enough.




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