Avoiding overload

Lately I realised that I’ve been spending an awful lot of time on the computer that I could use for other, more important, things.

So, I try to have two internet free days a week, and I’m finding that it’s really good for my soul. I tend to avoid the internet at weekends – which is when most people seem to log on. That way I seem to avoid all the weekend wankery, all the beer fuelled rants and the hormonal wangst. I also manage to avoid seeing all those misguided weekend posts and updates that common sense will see deleted by Monday morning.

All in all, my two day abstinence has been a good thing. I don’t feel that I’m missing anything – after all, no one posts anything of importance after midnight on a Saturday anyway.

So, although sometimes it seems that I’m missing all the fun, in reality, I’m keeping sane and keeping out of trouble, and I’m avoiding seeing people at their worst. Everyone wins.

So, you’re mission, should you chose to accept it, is to take yourself away from life for a couple of days. Turn off your laptop and just…count the flowers.

Take care



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