Not Keats – but just a little unstable

So, the other day I posted about how author Stephan Harper behaved on public boards and how it’s not a good idea to attack readers, reviewers and commentators. Within HOURS Mr Harper took it upon himself to make pretty nasty comments on my blog.


Seriously folks, I know all too well the temptation to respond, but you should never do it. It never ends well, and it always makes the writer look arrogant and stupid and more than a little unstable.

And spending all that time Googling yourself? Well, that’s just pretty scary. For instance, I Googled what I figured would be the most common search terms and it took 11 pages before this blog kicked in over this subject. Hardly headline news (I think a post on Google search terms is due soon) which makes me seriously wonder about the amount of time some people spend on themselves.

Either way, you will have noticed that I actually approved his comment – everyone deserves their say, right? And while I, and five universities, three doctors and one psychologist can assure you that I’m NOT an ‘idiot’ we’ll agree to let Mr Harper have his rant.


Check out the comments. It’s worth a read.

Love, etc



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