The Ballad of Stephan J Harper – Part 1

Oh Christ on a stick!

To say that I have been having ‘one of those days’ would be a gross understatement.

Yesterday I wrote a piece about an author behaving badly – one Stephan J Harper and how me had a very public meltdown over a review of his book- you can read my original post here if you want

Within hours Mr Harper had started sending nasty comment to my blog. The first of which began ‘are you an idiot’ and they didn’t get much better,

I’ve approved the comments, partly for transparency and partly for shits and giggles. You can find most of them in the thread above and also in and

As you will see, Harper has continued in his belief that we all seem to owe him something and should justify and explain everything we say. I have, for the record, and which you can see for yourselves in the comments which I have deliberately left public, told Mr Harper to stop contacting me or I will seek legal action against him. While part of me feels that such action will only further inflate his ego and justify his ’cause’ – the rest of me feels that the instability of some people needs to be shown, and I’ve never been one to hide or shy away from things.

However, I’ve also never been so relentlessly hounded by someone before. It’s a strange experience.


Beware folks

Updates, no doubt, to come.

Love, etc



Further edited – I have now told Mr Harper 5 times to stop contacting me, *sigh* some people. 

Edit 2 – in 24 hours I have been left 28 comments – all of which I have continued to allow to be visible here and will do for the moment. My reasons for approving the comments is a simple one – transparency. I despise bullies and no amount of threatening messages, name calling, demands or personal attacks is going to intimidate me into silence. Mr Harper went on at great length in his most recent message – after me telling him to stay away – that he was well known and had a reputation that I am apparently destroying because I’m a ‘troll’ – I do not think he understands what that word means. He keeps using it though. I’ve spoken a lot in the past about how to behave online, and how NOT to behave online. This is a sterling example of how NOT to do things, so I hope you have all been paying attention kids. 

Now, I’m going to bring this train wreck to a close.

And for the record the legal definition of harassment:

harassment  n. the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands.

I think it’s pretty clear that I’m being harassed, which is part of the reason I have left all the posts visible – including, you will see, the many posts where I told him to stop contacting me. Harassment in action people – it’s not a pretty sight.

Take care and stay away from the crazies.

Love etc,


EDIT 3 – Well, Mr Harper seems to have moved on from harassing me and has taken his indignation to the Guardian website –

EDIT 4 – Nope, still getting ranted about, but now it’s in the Guardian, which is kinda cool in weird sort of way. Someone mentioned what went down this weekend past, and Mr Harper went off on one about me. Again. Ah well, you can fuck my offensive language and any objection to it. But hey, I have pretty eyes. Which is inappropriate and just a little….weird to mention in that context.



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3 responses to “The Ballad of Stephan J Harper – Part 1

  1. Amber

    The huge irony is that he challenged critics to post under their real names. Dude, the reason nobody did is because there was a 150% chance you’d do THIS.

    I’m really sorry he’s doing this to you, Claire. Nobody deserves this level of crazy.

    • Your last line is so true.

      I do wonder though for his sake, if his editor or publisher, or maybe even wife or mummy or children can talk some sense to him. It does him and his career no good to keep googling and attacking people. For. Their. OPINIONS.

      And he keeps asking people to justify their opinions?! Then when a couple of people actually DO out of goodwill for this apparent psycho, he goes off on them caling them abusive names!

      And frankly, him calling everyone “Stupid” and “Idiot” doesn’t give him any credibility beyond a tantrum throwing 2 year old!

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