My name and other things I really shouldn’t have to address this late at night

Okay, over on the Guardian thread there were a couple of comments made about my name being used, with some folk getting a little indignant on my behalf.

I have a name.

I have chosen to make that name public, along with my photo and some details of my private life. I am a very public person, and I live my life wide open. If I had an issue with my name, my full name, being used then I would not have set up a blog or personal profile in which it was used anywhere. I would not have used it on social media. I would not have put it on the cover of my books.

So please, don’t feel the need to be shy about these things. I’m not. I’m a big girl and if I was offended then that’s for me to deal with directly. As it was, I’m not offended or sensitive about it. By all means, feel free to use it. It’s my chosen name.

Thank you all for listening.

Don’t be shy,

Love, etc

Claire Simpson


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