Sex in fanfiction part 7 – Trends – non-con

I’m a bit leery about referring to this as a ‘trend’ as I think it’s a very serious subject and one that I’m a little apprehensive about commenting on at all.

Non-consensual sex has become a pretty big thing in fanfiction lately, and it’s a trend that worries me personally. In part I think that some of my issue with it comes from the cutesy way it’s usually shortened to ‘non-con’ which somehow diminishing the fact that it is rape.

Sometimes this is written as a bad thing, but I’ve read far too many stories lately where it’s treated as a sort of kink that characters enjoy. Which is, frankly, disturbing.

Likewise, ‘dub-con’ is common (dubious consent).

Both of these tend to come up in Omegaverse fic, which I understand to a point.After all, that’s surely an element of Omergaverse given the very nature of the sub-genre, but I just can’t help but be uncomfortable at the concept of choice being taken away, no matter what the reasons. I find it very difficult to read.

I’ve spent a lot of the last week or so reading up about rape fantasies etc, and I feel that I have a bit more understanding about it now than I did before. I now know that people who have fantasies about non/dub con aren’t actually wanting to be raped, from what I can understand it’s about control and /or lack of. It’s interesting, if hard going at times due to the very nature of the subject matter.

I guess putting those fantasies down on paper is really no different.

At some stage later I may do a longer post about it, but for now I just wanted to acknowledge it as a thing and open the floor for comments.

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2 responses to “Sex in fanfiction part 7 – Trends – non-con

  1. Jones

    Not sure I’d call it a trend – to me, it seems like a popular author or two will write fics that inspire a bunch of other writers to use the same tropes, and this ups the numbers for a while. (Shit, that sounds exactly like a trend. My point is that it doesn’t come out of nowhere, but it can be more or less popular over time.) See also: wingfic. Where did it come from, and why is it in every fandom? My guess is Supernatural, but I could be wrong. A counterpoint to this would be foot fetishism: no matter how popular the author, it never takes a fandom by storm because few people love it and most are indifferent (it’s not really edgy or taboo, just weird).

    Recently I got to witness a tedious internet slapfight on this very topic – noncon and dubcon in fandom – and it seems like the kind of thing that will never have a ‘right’ answer. There will always be people who are very upset by it, and that’s entirely valid. There will also always be people who seek out or produce that content – whether for kink, or for the emotional component. Something I learned from that exchange was that a lot of rape survivors write or read noncon/dubcon, and that it helps them in their recovery. For myself, I grew up with the Harry Potter fandom, and in a fandom that large you get some really crazy shit. I would say the internet has ‘ruined’ me, but I do have limits for what I will and won’t read.

    Well this got kind of long… I got here via a certain author’s plush mystery meltdown, and stayed for the fandom meta. I appreciate this post, because to me the best way to keep fandom healthy is to have honest discussions about everything.


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