Fergus sings the blues

I know I’ve stopped doing personal posts, but I’ll make an exception.

Yesterday was my 32 birthday.

My daughter told everyone we came into contact with, which resulted in 2 free taxi rides and a free round of drinks at lunch and one guy asking for a date.

I post this because this has been a really hard year. really hard 2 years if I’m honest about it. Deaths, loss, heartache, illnesses, stress, relocation, panic, upset etc etc etc. It sucks. But life;s like that sometimes. I’m tough. I’ll be fine. I always am.

Tonight my best friend is making a 5 hour journey to see me. Tomorrow Claire Simpson’s court of Ladies will be in attendance (perils of a midweek birthday) in which there will be much dodgy dancing and many, many cocktails.

And perhaps the best present of all time – last night my 7 year old and I had a ‘sofa party’ – pizza, cupcakes, nuts, crisps, virgin cocktails and Jurassic Park Speak-A-long (as we do every year) but this year, as my birthday present, she wrote me a song – to the theme of JP!!!!!!!!!

I know!!!!!!!

So thank you all my lovlies for your kind messages, PMs,emails, FB messages and texts. You guys are amazing and have made a very difficult year just that little bit less shit, I love you all. Keep reading. Keep loving. Keep giving me hugs.

Love etc,



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