When it all starts to go wrong

This week has been a busy week for the folks at one particular publishing company – and not in a good way.

Raider Publishing International (website here) was featured on the BBC radio programme You and Yours, where owner Adam Salviani was interviewed on air by host Winnifred Robinson after we heard from some very unsatisfied authors.

It seems that Raider has not been fulfilling it’s promises to writers who have signed with them, and in one case is ignoring a court order to pay damages to an author, Geoff Rouse, because Raider claims it does not have a UK address and therefore does not have to take notice of UK courts.

The company offers various publishing packages to authors, with high royalty rates and promises of widespread advertising. However, many authors have been complaining about lack of sales, lack of publicity, not receiving royalties and Raider not replying to queries or emails from their authors after signing.

And to add a twist to the story, Salviani has filed for bankruptcy – hearing is scheduled for today, so I’m sure I’ll have more to report on this later.

Incidentally, Raider also has a UK and Ireland targeted publishing company called Green Shore (website here) which makes the same promises.

Mick Rooney over at TIPM has been covering the story as it unfolds. And you can check out the thread on Absolute Write about it which dates all the way back to 2005 and makes for some interesting reading.

For now I’m going to say that Raider is one to avoid. But have a listen to the BBC programme and judge for yourselves.

Now to see how this unfolds.

Love, etc



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