Sex in Fanfiction part 11 – understanding tags and warnings

As I’ve discussed before, fanfiction has evolved it’s own language – especially in the tags and warnings. And this can be confusing for some people who are new to fanfiction, and even thoughfics are clearly tagged, if you don’t understand the nature of either the tags orthe warnings. So, what exactly do they mean?

Well, one of the confusing tags for newbie is the ! tag. This isn’t as confusing as it seems and is basically used for two reasons – it denotes excitement and is used to separate two other words to make it easier to understand. It’s primarily used to tagg for sex. Example:

top!john – ‘top’ refers to the act of ‘topping’ – ie. in a slash pair it’s the male who penetrates. the name is the character who tops.

bottom!pete – ‘bottom’ is the reciever – ie. the one who is penetrated. the name is the character. Both of these terms are primarily used in m/m slash.

jailbait!brian – most commonly underage AU, where the character named is underage.

omega!bill – bill is an omega

etc etc. I think I’ve explained so far.

But then let’s talk about !kink

!kink is not to be confused with it’s counterpart kink. !kink refers to specific types of kink, and not just kink in general. For instance a character might have a military!kink  – !kink is usually pretty self explanatory.

Fanfiction website A03 has a pretty good page on commonly used tags within the fanfiction community, and I recomend you all have a read of it and familiarise yourselves with them. And yes, the vast majority do tend to be about sex. 🙂

Until next time.

Love, etc



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