Responsiblity and the written word – opinion or excuse?

I was rather disapointed this week when me local newspaper – the Newtownards Chronicle – chose to print a rather offensive piece by one of their regular writers, one Ian Alexander.

The piece is screenshotted below for anyone who wants to read it. Basically, it’s an ignorant bigoted homophobe using his public platform to spout hatred.

chronicleYou can see the Newtownards Chronicle on Facebook here:

The piece concerns gay marriage, which Alexander insists on referring to as ‘marriage’ – he even suggests that he has no issue with gay people having a legal standing that is SOMETHING LIKE marriage, they should have a different thing and a different name for it.

So…..pretty much as things are now then?

And this is the problem. Alexander argues language. Honestly, I’m going to go blind from rolling my eyes so hard.

This EXACTLY highlights the problem when it comes to both equal rights and terminology.


There is no reason at all, and arguing terminology is just pedantic.

I’m actually embarrassed and ashamed to come from the same town this paper is from. In this age of equliaty and progression, how can a paper print such bigotted drivel? Where is the responsiblity of the written word? Now, don’t get me wrong, I;m not for censorship, but I do think that we have a moral responsilbity to NOT PRINT HATE SPEACH! To do so, and without comeback or balance, only furthers the problem by making it seem like it’s okay to think and speak like that.

In the past when I have complained about this sort of thing I have been fobbed off (remember my issue with teh DM?) and told that opinion pieces are the views of the writer, not the paper. But that doesn’t fly with me. See, the paper still chose to print it. The paper still CHOSE to put those words in their paper. They could have said no. They have decided that they weren’t going to devote time and space and give a platform for this sort of shit.

But instead they backed it. They decided to put it in in all it’s nasty glory. Well done Newtownards Chronicle – I’ll not be buying your paper again.

Opinion pieces?

Well, here’s my opinion, Ian Alexander and his hate speech, and The Newtownards Chronicle can take their homophobia and ignorance and just FUCK RIGHT OFF – we want none of that shit here.

EDITED TO ADD – I posted on the Chronicles facebook page asking why they thought it was acceptable – along with the same screenshot from above.

I have a feeling I’m going to make someone very annoyed before the night is through.

I’ll keep you updated.

Love, etc,



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