To Film School and Beyond

So, firstly apologies – I have been a shitty blogger over the last couple of months, but honestly life got in the way . I started a course at film school, and got accepted to Oxford, I made four short films in two months, wrote a play and stressed myself out beyond the point of exhaustion.

BUT here I am.

In better news, I’ve been working my rocks off. Film school is….hard. But fun. I applied at first because I really wanted to learn what happens when the scripts leave my hands and go into production. As a writer my job is done the moment the script is picked up, and as an actress my job was always in front of the camera, so I really wanted to understand what went on behind it.

Turns out the answer is A LOT.

It’s been mind blowing to be honest. And I’m glad I went to film school and not taking ‘film studies’ course where we all sit around and disect . The practical experience is amazing, the flexibility wonderful and the encouragement to get out there and do stuff has led to me breaking out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion.

Since the last time I posted I went on a one night residential with my class where we shot two short films in 24 hours. The speed and energy with which we have to work is inspiring. I’m surrounded by people who are as excited as I am and not one of them want to talk about film theory or ‘what the director meant’

Instead we gang up over lunch and talk about how we can talk our way into filming in restricted locations and how many people it will take to carry a jib and two cameras into a forest.

Today I shot a lot of food and cooking footage. I needed to get a post footage voice over and had no one to help, so my nine year old stepped up and was my sound engineer for the afternoon (and she’s pretty good at it).

I ignored this side of film for so long, and then, when I initially  expressed an interest fifteen years ago I was shot down and made to feel inferior and uneducated because I didn’t ‘understand’ why the director chose to shoot the sky in pink or what the ‘meaning’ was behind…well, pretty much every film ever – I’m ashamed to admit it but there was a period where I spent a lot of time believing that I was the idiot – because that is how that particular group chose to view me. I was the ‘pleb’ (i took science at uni initially) who just ‘DIDN’T UNDERSTAND’ the supposedly apparent ‘genius’ of what ever art house director  was currently in vogue.

As a writer, an actress and director I can tell your opinions mean shit.



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