Vegan April Day 1 – roast potatoes with ‘cheese’

Five am this morning I was in Tesco doing my shop  – don’t mock me, it’s the best time to go – and I discovered several things – 1. veganism is really expensive – soy milk is literally FOUR TIMES the price of cows milk for instance 2. reading the label on every single item gets really tiring 3. baked beans, peanut butter, marmite and my favourite bread are all vegan – thank FUCK because I might have had a serious nervous breakdown otherwise.

Anyway, breakfast was a soda farl straight off the gridle at the street market where I live – no eggs, no butter – sunflower oil instead – I think I love these guys. Best bit was that I got to actually watch them mix and cook it. So I ate that, still hot, on my way to Tesco for the Big Shop.

Lunch was a rather subdued affair, baked baby potatoes with vegan cheese and spring onions. I’ve included the recipe, but honestly I don’t know if its worth it.


  • Baby potatoes
  • Spring onions
  • Sunflower oil cooking spray
  • Vegan ‘cheese’


Wash potatoes. Spray with sunflower oil. Bake for 20-30 minutes (I have a halogen oven – which I totally recommend to anyone- they are bloody awesome) turning over half way through and respraying if necessary.

Finely slice 1 spring onion,. Grate the bastard ‘cheese’. When potatoes are cooked assemble.

In all honesty the vegan ‘cheese’ is not as bad as I thought it might be. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t taste anything like cheese – a vegan friend says it tastes how she imagines ass tastes like. I shall plead the fifth on that one. But once you get past the colour (a weird beige brown colour) and the price (twice the price of real cheese) it’s not as unpleasant as I expected.

So, so far so simple. I made a vegan lasanga earlier too, but the less we say about that the better – even the dog wouldn’t eat it and she licks her own bum so what does that tell you?

So far day one – not a success. Very expensive and not cooking fun.

Thank fuck vodka is vegan.





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